Academic Presentations

"Fighting Doom Bias with Analog Games" GENeration Analog 2023 Presentation

On July 26th 2023, I had the chance to present my paper "Fighting Doom Bias with Analog Games" at the GENeration Analog 2023 academic conference. Watch my presentation to learn more about how board games like Climate Cooldown can help us in our mission to build climate knowledge, imagination and resilience against the "climate doomism" (doom bias) that is so rampant today.

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"Cultivating Climate Literacy through Cooperative Gameplay" American Library Association's Games & Gaming Round Table Conference 2024

On March 29th 2024, I presented for the ALA's 2024 conference Games and Gaming Roundtable on how cooperative board games like Climate Cooldown have the capacity to improve social and emotional learning and climate literacy in a fun and meaningful way.

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"Turning Games into Real-life Strategies for Change: Climate Literacy to Civic Action" Solarpunk Conference 2024

Engaging in play-based learning can foster climate literacy and community action. For instance, games like Climate Cooldown offer opportunities for collaborative action and socialization. Cooperative gameplay promotes agency and resilience, aiding in the development of constructive behaviors and climate literacy essential for devising effective action plans.

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