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Clean Earth Future

Climate Cooldown the Board Game

Climate Cooldown the Board Game

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Climate Cooldown is an educational cooperative board game about climate change for 2-4 players. Save the planet with your friends!

In Climate Cooldown, you and your friends work together to strategize how to cool down your impact by investing in sustainable power, divesting from fossil fuels, buying climate solutions called "Cooldowns" and gain diplomatic relationships to win the game.

AGES: 8+
PLAYERS: 2-4 (more players can be added)
DURATION: 45mins

The game includes:

- 1 Game board, with 4 regions
- 4 Region sheets
- 43 Cooldown cards
- 39 Power cards
- 28 Disaster cards
- 144 Resource cards
- 48 Resource tokens
- 8 Land tokens
- 8 Ocean tokens
- 2 Meter tokens
- 1 Round token
- 12 Diplomacy tiles
- 1 Chill Champ tile
- 1 Six-sided die
- Instruction manual
- Requirements sheet

🌱🌿🌳 Climate Cooldown is a partner of ONE TREE PLANTED. For every game that is purchased we donate to ONE TREE PLANTED to support reforestation of the planet!

One Tree Planted is a partner of Clean Earth Future and Climate Cooldown

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