The great forests that have long existed on the Earth draw in huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. Proforestation is protecting the forests there still are, encouraging them to continue to heal and grow.

Prospective Degrees

Forestry|Conservation Biology


Forest Conservation Manager|Reforestation Project Coordinator

Gameplay Cooldown Card

In the game Climate Cooldown, "Proforestation" is a Cooldown card that helps to protect the old growth forests which are integral to supporting life on the planet. Protecting these lands ensures a sustainable future for diverse wildlife as well as important lands which provide large "carbon sinks" which help offset our current emissions.

Land and Ocean Tokens

Land Token, used in Climate Cooldown for gameplay. The token shows a green pasture containing a large deciduous tree with sky in the background.This card has a positive impact on land restoration


  • How can you become involved in proforestation in your state?
  • What are some important forests in your region and around the world?
  • What is the impact of the world's forests on the climate?
  • What threats do forests face in your region?